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Medical Massage Practitioner

What is a Medical Massage?

More than a few massage therapists claim to perform medical massage. Medical massage does not refer to any specific technique and may, in fact, utilize various massage modalities. By definition, medical massage is massage therapy prescribed by a physician, performed following the directives of that physician.

Many massage therapists have discovered that a Medical Massage Practitioner Certification allows them the type of practice they have long dreamed about. Since all patients are referred by doctors, there are no marketing costs or responsibilities. Referrals from just one doctor can easily fill your practice. Massage therapists are free to concentrate on what they know best: getting people well.
Because many health insurance plans cover physician prescribed massage, your practice extends far beyond just the wealthy individuals that largely support a cash based practice. You can help many more people.

A medical massage practice can produce an income commensurate with what your services are worth. Because insurance plans allow for maximum reimbursement for your services, medical massage practitioners are compensated on par with other medical professionals, such as chiropractors and physical therapists.

Medical massage practitioners are not confined to working in doctor's offices, although opportunities abound in this area. Your Medical Massage Practitioner Certification will give you the knowledge and confidence to work together with physicians in your own independent practice.

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