Touch of Gail - Feel the touch and Relax!!

12--60 min massages---$500
6--60 min massages---$250
3--90 min massages---$210
3--60 min massages---$150
Introductory Special-$45


All services are tailored to fit each individual therapeutic and relaxation needs. Through a thorough consultation and evaluation of the muscle tissue you will get your muscle issues feel better, pain decreased, and relaxation increased! Let us tailor your session today! 

Swedish Massage
Massage is administered on a specific muscle to address complaints of tightness, tension, spasms, cramps, discomfort, muscle fatigue. Massage can also be done in this time frame to enhance relaxation.

60 mins-$70
90 mins-$90

Deep Tissue Massage
Pressure is applied to address specific muscle group and common complaints of tension and tightness. This session is not inclusive of general relaxation it is centered on therapy for the specific muscle group.

60 mins-$75
90 mins-$95

Add Ons/Extra
Aromotherapy- This service will be tailored for individuals based off of an intake form and consultation. Based off a thorough consultation a blend of oils will be made for the client to address individual needs at home or on the go.   $10

Scalp Massage: 15 mins -$15

Additional Services Upon Request Only..................................................................

Sports Massage 
This massage is for Athletes on game day or Active
individuals on event day. The therapist would be there to assist with warm up and cool down exercise, stretching for specific sport, warm up and cool down massage and proper hydration of the individual. This is recommended for to decrease pain, discomfort, cramping, and injury.

Chair Massage
This service is available for staff appreciation day, health fairs, bridal parties, and cooperate events

Pregnancy Massage
This service is provided to the expectant mother after her first trimester! It helps to reduce pain, discomfort, cramping, fatigue, and tension. This is a good massage tailored specifically for the expectant mother to aid in relaxation and overall well being.                     


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